Made with love

Amanda with her two boys

My idea for TICKKIT began with my two boys. I like to think of myself as a prepared Mama, especially for challenging times that can come at any moment. After hearing that last summer was going to be a particularly bad tick season, I created a tick removal kit to keep in my home as a precautionary measure. Then I made a kit for “Mimi and Poppa’s” house, and then one for “Auntie Jessie” to keep in her diaper bag... you get the idea. ⠀  ⠀⠀

Fast forward to Summer 2018, and what’s predicted to be another heavy tick season. It dawned on me that all parents should have a tick removal kit at their disposal, because who wants to scramble during an urgent, and potentially frightening, situation?! And so TICKKIT was born...

- Amanda Godfrey, 
Founder and owner of TICKKIT


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