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What's included

  • Directions for tick removal and next steps

  • TickEase tick removal tweezer

  • Alcohol swabs
  • Bandage
  • Sticky notes
  • Tape
  • Pen
  • Plastic zip bag
  • Pre-addressed, stamped envelope to mail tick to a lab for testing

Please note that all sales are final.








Q  How much is shipping?
A Shipping is $8.50 for one TICKKIT, $15 for 2-9 kits, and $25 for 10 or more kits.

Q Will shipment tracking be provided?
A You can request shipment tracking by e-mailing mytickkit@gmail.com.

Q When will my order be shipped?
A Your order will be shipped 1-2 business days after purchasing.

Q Do you accept returns?
A No. All TICKKIT sales are final.

Q What method of shipping will be used?
A Your TICKKIT will be sent using USPS Priority mail.

Q Can TICKKIT also be used for adults?
A Yes! TICKKIT is a tick removal kit for both children and adults.

Q How many times can I use my TICKKIT?
A Your TICKKIT contains certain supplies that can be used several times, i.e. the tick removal tweezers. There are other items, such as the alcohol swabs, bandage, and pre-addressed envelope, that can be used only once. When you run out of these supplies, you can replenish your kit with the same items.

Q Is the cost of tick testing included in the price of my TICKKIT? 
A No. After you have removed a tick using the supplies in your TICKKIT, you may go to TickReport.com and choose a testing package to have the tick tested. The TickReport cost is separate.