Q  How much is shipping?
A  Shipping is $8.50 for one TICKKIT and $15 for 2 or more TICKKITs.

Q  Will shipment tracking be provided?
A  If requested via e-mail, tracking may be provided.

Q  When will my order be shipped?
A  Your order will be shipped 1-2 business days after purchasing.

Q  Do you accept returns?
A  No. All TICKKIT sales are final.

Q  What method of shipping will be used?
A  Your TICKKIT will be sent using USPS Priority mail.

Q  Can TICKKIT also be used for adults?
A  Yes! TICKKIT is a tick removal kit for both children and adults.

Q How many times can I use my TICKKIT?
A Your TICKKIT contains certain supplies that can be used several times, i.e. the tick removal tweezers. There are other items, such as alcohol swabs and bandages, that are provided in sets of three. When you run out of these supplies, you can replenish your kit with the same items.

Q  Is the cost of tick testing included in the price of my TICKKIT? 
A  No. After you have removed a tick using the supplies in your TICKKIT, you may go to TickReport.com and choose a testing package to have the tick tested. The TickReport cost is separate.